Municipality declares war on poor to save electricity

The westcliffe community was were subject to’upgrades’ by the municipality with new distribution boxes, but instead of an upgrade, the new boxes were set for 40watts frm 60watts. This is a sophisticated tactic of limiting supply to a community that has been illigally reconnecting themselves to claim their minimum electricity grant which Eskom and the government are not delivering. .
Eskom is supplying below cost electricity to large industrial users like BHP Billiton, whilst poor communities are facing cutoffs and massive price hikes.


About conferenceofpolluters

This blog is an activist resource for COP17 in Durban. The baseline assumption is that the UNFCCC process cannot deliver an equitable, binding and ambitious outcome, and is a space for government elites and multinational corporations to conspire against the people. Share your tactics (but not details please), possible targets and creative ideas for obstructing the process.
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