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Coca-Cola joins the World Climate Summit

November 21, 2011 – London, Washington, Brussels, Copenhagen, Johannesburg
The Coca-Cola Company has joined the World Climate Summit (December 3-4, Durban, South Africa – Southern Sun Elangeni) as a Gold Sponsor.

The World Climate Summit interviews the movers and shakers who will be attending this year’s summit. Here we profile:
Jeff Seabright, VP, Environment and Water Resources, The Coca-Cola Company.


Jeff is the Chief Environmental Officer and leads the Company’s three environmental focus areas: water stewardship, sustainable packaging, energy management and climate protection. Jeff has propelled the Company’s sustainable growth strategy by directing a team of nearly twenty experts to increase operational effectiveness, to create innovative processes and to inspire global action.

Prior to joining The Coca-Cola Company, Jeff served as a Foreign Service officer at NATO and was a staff member for U.S. Senators John D. Rockefeller IV and Timothy E. Wirth. Beginning in 1994, Jeff served as Director of the Office of Energy, Environment and Technology for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). In 1999, Jeff played an integral role in the negotiations of the Kyoto Protocol, following an appointment by President Clinton to The White House as Executive Director of the Climate Change Task Force. He then joined Texaco, Inc., (now ChevronTexaco, Inc.) as its Vice President for Policy Planning. Immediately prior to joining The Coca-Cola Company, Jeff was an environmental consultant for clients ranging from the United Nations to Fortune 500 companies.

Jeff has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Oberlin College in Ohio and a Master’s of Science in International Relations from The London School of Economics. He is the Vice Chair of the World Environment Center and a board member for the Environmental Technology and Trade Advisory Council, a component of the EPA’s Federal Advisory Committees (FACA).

1. Why do you work in climate change?
Climate change is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) societal challenges of our time. As part of The Coca-Cola Company, I have an opportunity and a certain duty to make a significant, positive contribution.2. Which climate change project or initiative in your company are you most proud of?
Our eKOfreshment, Sustainable Refrigeration Program, has the potential to catalyze change in the commercial refrigeration sector. HFCs are projected to grow to between 9-19% of climate change emissions by the middle of the century. HFC-free solutions are available; we have deployed 400,000 already and we’re working to phase out the use of HFCs in all new cold drink equipment by 2015.

3. What are you looking forward to at this year’s World Climate Summit?
More than just business showing support for the climate negotiations, the World Climate Summit offers an opportunity for business, government and civil society organizations to share and brainstorm solutions. I am especially looking forward to a more intensive dialogue on climate adaptation. We are very focused as a Company on water resource issues — and water is the medium through which climate impacts will be increasingly manifest, with potentially significant implications for Africa.

4. Finally. Who is a personal or professional hero of yours, and how did they inspire you?
My mentor on all things sustainability is Tim Wirth, former Senator from Colorado and now President of the UN Foundation. He is a tireless advocate for taking action to avert a climate crisis and I continue to learn from him.

About The Coca-Cola Company
At Coca-Cola, we recognize that climate change has the potential to significantly affect the sustainability of our business and supply chain. Therefore, we are increasingly focused on innovative energy efficiency and climate protection solutions to help reduce costs and minimize our environmental impact. Due to the size and scale of our global system—more than 900 bottling plants, a fleet of approximately 200,000 delivery vehicles and more than 10 million vending machines and coolers—our efforts to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions can have far-reaching impacts. That’s why, for example, we set a goal to phase out hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), well-known contributors to global warming, in all new cold-drink equipment by 2015. We currently have more than 400,000 units of HFC-free refrigeration equipment in use throughout our system. Our investment in renewable energy resources, energy management devices for cold-drink equipment and fuel-efficiency solutions for delivery vehicles, has helped us improve our overall energy use and efficiency. Read more about:

About the World Climate Summit
The World Climate Summit 2011 (December 3-4, Southern Sun Elangeni, Hotel, Durban, South Africa) is the largest international business conference during the UNFCCC COP17. The two-day summit supports an active community of 400 global business, finance and government leaders as they develop new business models, broker public-private partnerships, scale projects, transfer technologies, and establish replicable financing mechanisms for the global green economy. WCS provides a strong media platform with CNN, TIME magazine and other local media partners. WCS is endorsed by the Province of Kwazulu Natal and the South African government. Some key highlights include:

§ More than 100 VIP speakers such as Presidents, Ministers and CEOs

§ More than 20 topics and themes discussed

§ In-depth workshops in the Siemens’ Practitioner’s Lounge

§ Business development opportunities in the Nedbank Networking Lounge

§ CEO matchmaking sessions during lunches (private and exclusive)

§ Media center with more than 40 journalists already confirmed for press conferences, announcements and commitments

§ Gigaton Awards dinner gala on Saturday night

§ Cocktail reception with the Premier of the Province of Kwazulu Natal on Friday 2nd evening

§ Cocktail reception with the US Ambassador on Sunday 4th night (with ICLEI members)

For a brochure >>
For a preliminary speakers list >>
For registration >>


Some of the companies and institutions you will meet:Siemens, PwC, Alstom, Nedbank, Ernst & Young, The Coca-Cola Company, Vestergaard Frandsen, BMW, Avon, Vale, Brasil Foods, Microsoft, State of Green, Samancor Chrome, HP, European Investment Bank, Philips Lighting, Zero Emissions Platform, Suzlon, Nike, Standard Bank, Ogilvy Earth, Sasol, Unilever, UNICA, AON, Eskom, Digital Globe, Hydro Quebec, National Australian Bank, Climate Change Capital, ABSA, Global Green Growth Forum, Safika Holdings, Yellowwoods, UN Global Compact, UNEP FI, UN PRI, the UN Foundation, the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change, Regions for Climate Action (R20), ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, the Global Green Growth Forum, the Carbon War Room, the Carbon Disclosure Project, the European Climate Foundation, Conservation International, IGCC, IIGCC, INCR/Ceres, International Union of Railways, the Business Council on Sustainable Energy and many others.

Some speakers you can hear and meet:
The Honorable Dr Jacob Zuma (The President: Republic of South Africa), Minister Maite, Nkoana-Mashabane (Presiding President of COP17: Republic of South Africa), Minister Dipuo Peters (Dept. of Energy: Republic of South Africa), Minister Pravin Gordhan (Dept. of National Treasury: Republic of South Africa), Minister Edna Molewa (Dept. of Water & Environmental Affairs: Republic of South Africa), Minister Trevor Manuel (The Presidency: National, Planning Commission, Republic of South Africa), Minister Rob Davies (Dept. of Trade & Industry: Republic of South Africa), Elias Masilela (Member of the National Planning Commission: Republic of South Africa), Barbara Kux (Member of the Managing Board & Chief Sustainability Officer: Siemens AG), Mike Brown (CEO: Nedbank), David Constable (CEO: Sasol), Tulsi Tanti (Chairman: Suzlon), Caio Koch-Weser (Vice Chairman & Senior Adviser: Deutsche Bank), Philippe Joubert (Deputy CEO: Alstom), Christiana Figueres (Executive Secretary: UNFCCC), Jeff Seabright (VP: Environment & Water Resources, The Coca-Cola Company), Engelina Jaspers (VP: Environmental Sustainability, HP), Alex Veitch (Senior Advisor: International Union of Railways), Nena Stoiljkovic (VP: International Finance Corporation), Simon Brooks (VP: European Investment Bank), Roger Platt (Senior Vice President: USGBC), Graeme Sweeney (Chairman: Zero Emissions Platform), Elizabeth Littlefield (CEO: OPIC), Rachel Kyte (VP & Head of Network: Sustainable Development, World Bank), Brian Kennedy (Managing Executive: Nedbank Capital), President José María Figueres (Managing Partner: IJ Partners), Wolfgang Engshuber (Chief Administrative Officer: Munich Re), Rashad Kaldany (VP: Global Industries, International Finance Corporation), Harry Verhaar (Senior Director: Energy & Climate Change, Philips Lighting), Rob Bernard (Chief Environmental Strategist: Microsoft), Guy Kilfoil (General Manager South Africa: BMW), Peter Seligmann (Chairman & CEO: Conservation International), Larry Schweiger (CEO: National Wildlife Federation), Abyd Karmali (Global Head of Carbon Markets: Merrill Lynch/B of America), Andrew Mitchell (Chairman: Forest Footprint Disclosure Project), Mayor of Durban, South Africa, Stewart Stevenson (Minister: Scotland), Jane Henley (CEO: World Green Building Council)


For more information about the World Climate Summit, including potential sponsorship and partnership opportunities, please visit or contact:
Samantha le Royal – COPENHAGEN samantha

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