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Media Release
For Immediate Release

Monday, November 28, 2011
Meghan McCarthy
Durban: 079 477 3691
International: +27 (79) 477 3691

Durban, South Africa (11/28/11) It’s been an eventful day for Canadians at the COP 17
Climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa. This morning The Canadian Youth
Delegation held a press at the International Convention Centre to launch the latest
fashion line for oily climate negotiators, BituMenswear. The BituMenswear suit jackets
are adorned with logos from oil companies heavily invested in the Tar sands, illustratring
the industry’s sponsorship of Canadian climate policy and international negotiating
In the same day, Environment Minister Peter Kent won Canada the first Fossil of the Day
award, given to the most obstructive country at the negotiations.
“Emerging and developing countries need to stop ‘weilding the historical guilty card’ and
asking for a free pass on emissions reductions just because in the past, industrialized
countries had more emissions than the rest of the world,” said Kent in the statement
that won Canada the fossil, simulateously exposing Canada’s motives and undermining
the founding principle of common but differentiated responsibility that governs these
“At this year’s climate negotiations, Canada is standing on guard for the tar sands. It’s
shameful and irresponsible that our country negotiates in the interests polluters instead
of people,” said Matthew Chisolm at the press briefing.
Oil and gas companies have a huge hand in creating and influencing Canadian climate
policy, domestically and internationally. This year Canada has lobbied to weaken
European fuel standards so that oil corporations can expand tar sands exports,
increasing extraction of one the most carbon intense fuels in the world. The Keystone
pipeline, which would carry bitumen from Alberta to Texas, was pushed through by our
government despite public outcry and huge environmental consequences, until
construction was delayed south of the border. Just yesterday, Environment Minister
Peter Kent announced that he would be promoting the tar sands industry in Durban and
sources indicate Canada will be officially backing out of the Kyoto protocol before the
end of the committment period. Through these policy decisions, Canada is condemning
the world and all its peoples to irreversible climate change, violating countless human
rights and degrading our international reputation along the way.
At the press conference, youth unveiled the uniforms, delivering a speech in crisp suits
emblazoned with the logos of tar sands giants like British Petroleum, Shell and
Transcanada. A website was simultaneously launched, at, providing
high quality images of the uniforms and further information. Members of the CYD will
also accept the Fossil Award on behalf of the Canadian government while wearing the
BituMenswear suits. Kent himself was not available, as he arrives only in the second
week of negotiations.
“This was a fun and creative way to send a very serious message. Despite the fact that
the tar sands mean game over for the climate, our Environment Minister is entering the
negotiations with a public commitment to defend them,” said Robin Tress, a Canadian
Youth Delegate, “If we weren’t sure yesterday that Canada was putting polluters before
people, now we can be certain.”
Spokespeople will be available for questions and comment via an international
conference call line beginning at 11:15 EST. Details are attached.
— 30 —
The Canadian Youth Delegation to COP17 is a united front of youth from across Canada tackling
the biggest challenge of our generation: the climate crisis. Acting locally, provincially, federally,
and internationally, we combine our forces to educate and empower youth. We represent the
voice of Canadian youth at the UN Climate Negotiations. For more information, see
Call in Details:
Canada/US Toll-Free Conference Dial-in Number: (888) 882 9090
Local Calgary Dial-in Number: (403) 770 0861
Local Edmonton Dial-in Number: (780) 701 5553
Local Ottawa Dial-in Number: (613) 212 9004
Local Toronto Dial-in Number: (416) 342 1900
Local Vancouver Dial-in Number: (604) 630 0213


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This blog is an activist resource for COP17 in Durban. The baseline assumption is that the UNFCCC process cannot deliver an equitable, binding and ambitious outcome, and is a space for government elites and multinational corporations to conspire against the people. Share your tactics (but not details please), possible targets and creative ideas for obstructing the process.
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