CEE Climate Economic Empowerment by Comrade Fatso

C.E.E. (Climate Economic Empowerment)

By Comrade Fatso

Comrades I’m sure you’ve heard of the crisis in the world today

Floods in France, disappearing islands and droughts in Zimbabwe

How do we deal with all our carbon emissions rising

With global warming, increased instability and insane petrol pricing

Comrades I would like to announce my brand new policy

I call this policy C…E…E…

Its simply entitled Climate Economic Empowerment

How to make money from mother nature and from the environment

Because climate is the new bling

The new diamonds, the new shiny, spangly thing

We’ve run out of ways to make money for a living

But, comrades, now we have carbon markets and carbon trading

So will we save the planet? Hell muthafukking no!

But we’ll have the biggest, most fantastic party til we hit ground zero

So lets co-opt the NGO’s and some scholarly scholars

Coz we wanna go green like freshly minted US dollars

So in that sense yes we are the real green party

Because nature is time and time is money

So give us your money and give it to us by the tonne

Put it in my bank account – it’s called the Green Climate Fund!

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