The Circus is coming

In solidarity with CIRCA, the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, and because the UN has become a farce, we will be exposing the true nature of the UNFCCC process.

‘Because nothing undermines authority like holding it up to ridicule’.

Bring red noses, wigs, face paint, your brightest pink feather duster, tutu’s (not the iconic anti apartheid leader, well, bring him if you can), as we laugh and cavort in the face of danger.

CIRCA aims to make clowning dangerous again, to bring it back to the street, restore its disobedience and give it back the social function it once had: its ability to disrupt, critique and heal society. Since the beginning of time tricksters (the mythological origin or all clowns) have embraced life’s paradoxes, creating coherence through confusion – adding disorder to the world in order to expose its lies and speak the truth.’



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