Molasses has become the favourite tool of climate activists. Its similarity to oil for use in actions make it a very effective substitute, and you’re not polluting or causign damage. Its like the cops arresting you for dropping your icecream!!

This action from the 2010 Camp for Climate Action shows how its done.

Fortunately for Durban, due to our temperate climate, and cheap labour we have a thriving sugar industry and molasses factory.

buy from
The Pure Cane Molasses Company (Pty) Ltd
Johnstone Road, Durban 4001, South Africa

Natveld Molasses (PTY) LTD
-29.8733000, 30.9876000
031 2050141

charcoal and sunflower oil is another option, but slightly harder to wash off


About conferenceofpolluters

This blog is an activist resource for COP17 in Durban. The baseline assumption is that the UNFCCC process cannot deliver an equitable, binding and ambitious outcome, and is a space for government elites and multinational corporations to conspire against the people. Share your tactics (but not details please), possible targets and creative ideas for obstructing the process.
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